Nicole Perrin wrote

> Anyone who wants to participate can send in as many of his conlangs as
> he wants, the more the merrier. With each translation, this is what I'd
> like to have: the sentence in the language, an interlinear, and any
> special notes about preferred typefaces or special scripts.

I can't send anything by email because I'm reading through egroups
which hides all email addresses.

Most of what you need should be in the last message I posted,
"Re: t-shirt {correction}".

All I can add here is a more detailed interlinear:

Fontwc = a form of 'we' that specifies:
            - first and second person included (f)
            - animate gender (o)
            - plural (nt)
            - polite imperative (wc)
cykkynt = to swordfight:
            - sword (cynt)
            - to use for intended purpose (infix kk)
preget* = language:
            - to speak (preg)
            - system for (suffix et*)
rent = an article that specifies:
            - definite (r)
            - feminine gender (e) - see footnote [1]
            - plural (nt) i.e. many deaths
            - in this context, converts the following verb into an
              abstract noun
ga*nyeriudrys = to bring about death:
            - to live (yeq)
            - opposite of (prefix ga*n)
            - verb to adjective conversion (suffix -iu)
            - to bring about (suffix -drys)

Possession of 'rent ga*nyeriudrys' by 'preget*' is indicated by word order.

fontwc = we must:
            - (as before)
mwl = it is necessary, as opposed to, it is performed on a whim:
            - (no components)
preget*drys = to bring about language:
            - (all components already explained)

[1] A feminine abstract noun generated from a verb refers to the
    _conclusion_ of the verb. In this case the conclusion of death
    is extinction.

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