taliesin the storyteller wrote:
> * The Gray Wizard <[log in to unmask]> [000927 20:31]:
> > Welcome back Mia!
> Harr-harr, still on the wagon eh Mia? Addicted, that's what you are, that's
> what we ALL are!</hideous scream>
> Bullshit aside, nice to have you back, and for all the (near) newbies
> here, ea-luna is a tasty three course dinner avec aperitif, dessert
> and coffee, one of the rare langbeasts that are (nearly?) *complete* and
> *usable* too... ah, to reach that blessed state! </dreamy, jealous  sigh>

And to welcome you back, Mia, there's another t-shirt project underway,
with me in charge.  The sentence to translate is:

Fight linguistic extinction...invent a language!

And also just:

Invent a language!

In case we run out of space.