> From: Jörg Rhiemeier
> (Damn!  It is hard to find appropriate examples when one has so many
> gaps
> in the lexicon!  Must find more words.)


Since Nur-ellen is even closer to its Sindarin source (at least lexically)
than amman iar, you might be interested in the recently self-published
"Sindarin Dictionary" by Ryszard Derdzinski.  I have ordered a copy which
should be arriving any day now.  Ryszard is active on another list I
subscribe to and he is anxious to have his text reviewed by others (as well
as recouping his printing costs).  The dictionary is said to contain nearly
2000 entries and may well be the most comprehensive lexicon currently
available for this under-documented language.  Ryszard has a website with
details at


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