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>Translate the below statement into your own Conlang if you like.
>If you can read this? You are over educated.

Tirehlat: Re gahrasai nia vuzhanui, xan sheukamian to re.

re  gahra-sai nia  vuzha  -nui, xan      sheuka-mia       -n    to  re
you read -can this succeed-if   too:much teach -INFER:PAST-PERF for you
If you succeed in being able to read this, you have been taught too much.

(Note that auxiliaries like "can" and "if" are treated as grammatically
equivalent to the obligatory evidential/tense marker. Since only one such
marker can be attached to a verb, a construction like "if you can" requires
two verbs: one for the "if" and another one for the "can".)

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