Padraic Brown wrote:

[on the subject of ranting about perceived deficiencies of Klingon]

> Right. Rant: So bloody what!? Just because they can do a thing doesn't
> mean they will do that thing! They're NOT HUMAN!!!!!!! Why do you
> expect them to use language in the same way? Just because it's humans
> in latex makeup? Given the fact that it's _humans_ that invented the
> culture, the language and all the concepts of an alien culture _for
> the express purpose of entertaining a broad spectrum audience_; I
> think they did a pretty damned good job. Until any one of us can craft
> a perfect constructed language - one that will pass for a natural
> language; I think we should drop this unneccesary and unwaranted and
> certainly unconstructive criticism of another's work.  Especially
> since the creator of Klingon isn't here on list to discuss, defend or
> otherwise plead guilty.

I wholeheartedly agree.  It's much, much more than to expect from a TV
series; it's a very diligently worked out and fascinating conculture;
so let's stop ranting and get back to conlanging.