On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Mangiat wrote:

>Excuse me if I'm completely ignorant of economic subjects (darnit, every
>time I see the word 'Nasdaq' I think: 'wow, what a wonderful word! I should
>buy an Eskimo grammar!'), but if I want to pay the t-shirt with a cheque,
>what should I do? Can I use the cheques of an Italian bank? If yes, can I
>write thereover the price in Dollars or should I in the corresponding Lire?

Generally, American (US) banks have a lot of trouble dealing with
foreign cheques. Also, they usually charge a _hefty_ fee for cashing
such a cheque.

>Can I send money? Is that allowed by the law (I don't think in Italy is, but
>I can always send'em from Switzerland)?

Cash would certainly be acceptable, and is certainly not illegal in
the US!

>And, above all, what is a money order?

I think it's a "giro" in Italian. Anyway, it's a cheque-like thing
you buy usually at a post office for a set amount of money. It's
more secure than cash, because it's written out to a specific person
like a cheque; but you don't need a special bank account. In the US,
they're generally drawn on a large corporation (American Express, eg)
or the Post Office, and so might be considered  a little more stable
than a cheque from the Fourth Third State Bank of Little Watchahoosie.


>Thanks in advance,
>> I've got the cheque, the envelope is sealed, and I will post it
>> tomorrow morning.
>> With it, I'm sending a tape with one hour of my favourite songs, plus
>> a sample of my speech. It seemed such a shame to let the poor cheque
>> travel so far all by itself. Nicole will henceforth be the Conlang expert
>> on Australian phonetics :-)
>> Unfortunately I can't view the jpg now at Nicole's website. I think it's
>> a timeout thing, trying to view an image that large.
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