On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Nik Taylor wrote:

> Yoon Ha Lee wrote:
> > I have a Good News Bible, which is so colloquial sometimes it worries
> > me.  I really should acquire a NSRV copy.
> I have both of those, as well as the New International Version and a
> King James Version, which I love just for the beautiful 16th century
> English.  My NRSV is the New Oxford Annotated version, which my pastor
> jokingly calls the "Cheat Sheet Bible" in our Bible studies.  :-)

<laugh>  KJV is gorgeous, though the translation worries me.  But it has
such a rich rhythm to it.

> > I can imagine.  I actually found the Old Testament more interesting,
> > because I read it more as history than theology.
> The books of Kings I found very intriguing.  All that war and political
> intrigue.  :-)

Sure caught my attention when I was in 4th grade.  <rueful look>

> Some of the Apocryphal books are fun, too.  I loved Judith.

I enjoyed it, somewhat guiltily, as a woman....