On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Nik Taylor wrote:

>Padraic Brown wrote:
>> but most Catholics will never hear one word
>> of Latin in church.
>Interesting, irony of ironies.  My Lutheran church occasionally has
>Latin songs.  Not very often, mind you, but on occasion.  In Christmas
>we always have the "Angels we have heard on high" song, which contains
>as the refrain "Gloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooria [very long,
>drawn-out] in excelsis deo"

I didn't count _that_ sort of thing.

>> The only priest I've ever heard using Latin was Fr. Fish up in Almost
>> Canada, NY; and it was so run together and spoken so rapidly as to be
>> practically impossible to tell what he was saying.
>"Almost Canada"?  Is that a nickname for a region?  The western
>panhandle of Florida is nicknamed Lower Alabama, or Baja Alabama

Yeah. The North Country, say from Massena on over; for which Watertown
is in Southern New York and Montreal is the next big city (and is
rather closer than Watertown).

>Anyway, I've heard some Latin and Greek words from Lutheran pastors, and
>it definitely wasn't Classical Latin, like /vokatsio/ for _vocatio:_, I
>can't remember a Greek example.

Speaking of Greek, our church used to do the Kyrie in Greek - even
long after Latin ceased to be heard. Unfortunately, even that's long
been turned over to English. Perhaps 10 year or so.


>Dievas dave dantis; Dievas duos duonos

And what of the butter, one may well ask!