At 2:59 pm +0200 16/10/00, Mangiat wrote:
>Myself I like the distinction u/v. If a saw 'uiuus' I couldn't even
>pronounce it.


>'Vivus' is more acceptable to an Italian/Romance eye.

I would write {uiuus} in Classical Latin, but I tend to use {v} and {j} in
in writing medieval Latin.  Not altogether consistent, I know  :)

>which Latin pronounciation does the Catholic church use in Anglosaxon
>countries? I think they'd use medioeval pronounciation...

There was no standard medieval pronunciation.  The Church pronunciation
used in anglophone countries is basically 'modern Roman' (i.e. Italian)
tempered by local speech habits   :)

('Anglosaxon' I think is not tactful, as Ireland has traditionally supplied
so many priests to the anglophone world).

>I've heard a
>couple of times priests speaking among them in Latin, but if they used
>different pronounciations they wouldn't understand anything (hey, the mass
>in Latin is one thing I like of Le Febvre)!

The homily tends to be a bit heavy going for most in Latin  :)

a lover of both Latin and the Mass (but not Lefebvrism).

A mind which thinks at its own expense
will always interfere with language.
                   [J.G. Hamann 1760]