On Wed, 18 Oct 2000, Steg Belsky wrote:

> Genesis 17:8 ~ (ahhuzat) `olam
> Genesis 48:4 ~ (ahhuzat) `olam
> Numbers 25:13 ~ (brit) `olam
> Habakkuk 3:6 ~ (giv`ot) `olam
> The Hebrew word _`olam_ means "world" - each of the words preceding it is
> in the construct state.  In this sense it means pretty much the same as
> you said with reference to the Greek translation, "world-heritage",
> "world-covenant", and "world-hills" meaning "(whatever) that lasts as
> long as the world".  Another Hebrew word for "eternity", _netzahh_, seems
> to be stronger, extending beyond the borders of time.

Thanks for that.

In my conlang the phrase "world's time" would be:

     yrrl l*on yy     /jR:l KOn ji/

yrrl = world, yy = time

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