On Sun, 15 Oct 2000, Robert Hailman wrote:

>Well, let's see. The book is like 130 pages, and last time I checked all
>Toronto Public Library brances (the Reference Library included) charges
>25 cents per page for photocopies.

You must be copying one page onto a paper. I'd lay the book in in such
a way two facing pages get onto one paper. It'd be $16.25 that way. In
any event, 25c is a rip-off (here most copiers (Univ., etc.) charge
15c (CAN equivalent), which would be rather less.

>That's like $32, which is rediculous.
>If I could take it out of the library, I could get it photopied for 7
>cents a page, which is a MUCH better deal - but it's a reference
>library, so that's not going to happen.

Might as well buy the book, for all the trouble and expence all this
would incur!