On Sat, 21 Oct 2000, Adam Walker wrote:

> I'm an aged 29 (or 30 if you count Chinese-style) now, but I started my
> first conlang (long since deceased) the week before my 12th birthday.  I
> remember because my mom was in the hospital pregnant and on the verge of
> death.  Both she and my little brother came through fine and my conlanging
> bug was born.

Hello to everyone on the list who wasn't on it when last I posted.  (I'm
out of it--coming down with something that's looking increasingly like
the bronchitis I fought off two years ago, schoolwork, more stuff I won't
bore you with.)  :-)

Am I the only person who *didn't* start conlanging in earnest (as opposed
to the pathetic 6th grade semi-French-rune-English attempt that doesnt'
count) before the age of 20?  <pulling a face>

YHL, looking around virtually at all the brilliant people out there