On Fri, 20 Oct 2000, czHANg wrote:

> On Fri, 20 Oct 2000 23:48:25 -0400, YHL wrote:
> >  Am I the only person who *didn't* start conlanging in earnest (as opposed
> >  to the pathetic 6th grade semi-French-rune-English attempt that doesnt'
> >  count) before the age of 20?  <pulling a face>
>         You are not alone. I started playing with language quite young, but only
> got into ConLanging after a disasterous flirtation with IALs (Int'l
> Auxiliary Languages) that ended just last year.

I looked at IAL's only this summer, really, and thought, Nah.  But then,
as a writer-aspirant I'm too fond of the idiosyncrasies and varieties of
languages as they exist.  :-)

> >  YHL, looking around virtually at all the brilliant people out there
>         And I am not really up to speed on a lot of linguistic terminology or
> concepts, I fear... hence the little or no feedback to my postings on my
> conlang Viivo or any requests for info on polyglot dictionaries... probably
> stuck my stupid foot too far in some "smarter" peeps' faces...

Or possibly the posts got lost in all the traffic, or people were busy (I
often am)...I only wish I were *qualified* to give feedback to people.

I've seen a 7-language dictionary for sale in the Campus Store at Cornell
but don't know if that's what you mean by a polyglot dictionary.

>         sorta OBCONLANG: I am gonna start learning ASL (Amerslan, American Sign
> Language). Perhaps even get certified as an interpreter. I am already making
> notes on my 2nd conlang, based on ASL-like topic-comment syntax with a
> polyglot lexicon. As of yet un-named... sorta like a name like _Ling_...or
> _Lila_
That's neat!  I wish I could learn ASL, but it's one of many projects
that's getting shoved off into the indeterminate future.  You can take
ASL at Cornell U. through Ithaca College, but it entails actually being
able to get there and back reliably, which is difficult without a
car...and while the bus system here is good, it would probably preclude
my being able to make my Cornell classes.  <sigh>  Have fun!