On Sat, Oct 21, 2000 at 03:00:37PM -0700, Marcus Smith wrote:
> This is important, because the language has vowel harmony in rounding when
> the vowels are separated by labials or glottals. That is, you can have
> drubym but not drubim; ko'oez but not ko'ez; obvyks but not obviks. On the
> other hand, it is perfectly acceptable to have something like dhuetel,
> because the vowels are separated by an alveolar. /ae/ and /a/ don't count
> for rounding harmony.

Coolness. I noticed a certain difficulty in my conlang when pronouncing
alternating rounded/unrounded vowels in adjacent syllables. Maybe I should
rework the phonology...

> Misc:
> Words may never have more than two syllables.

?? Only two syllable words are ever allowed? Hmm, that's beginning to
sound like it's getting close to Mandarin :-P