Vasiliy Chernov wrote:

> :) Rinya, version 2.11, release 7.2 ...
> I'd store the old versions somewhere.

Da, I know I should save the old versions. It's just that they are
on tiny pieces of paper everywhere in my apartment.

> The version I saw on your site recently was interesting, anyway.

Thanks. Though it's very out of date. Unfortunately, I'm fairly
sure that I won't find the time to update it in quite a while. :(

> It would be like natlang evolution: a series of sister conlangs, by
> coincidence all named Rinya. ;)

Heh. Talk about a confusing conculture that would be. Although
considering the fact the if one was to choose one word describing
my life one'd choose "confused", it would probably be a conculture
that fits me as a glove. :)