> >Am I completely off or is Kench a future version of English? Or is it an
> >English based-creole?
> > it's a sister language to English, derived from the Kentish
> >dialect of Old (?) English.
> Yes, this is more correct.

> Kench was the first lang in this OE-based series for which I had something
> exposable (or exponible?). Since the Kentish dialect was the most deviant
> one and demanded most attention. And besides, since its phonetic
> development allowed for the most archaic morphosyntax (stemming from the
> possibility to preserve 3 genders and 4-5 cases for the definite article).
> Now I know nearly everything about its morphology, but it continues to
> surprise me.
Has any of this been posted on a website or similar? Coming from Kent
(man of kent, not kentish man) I think any conlang based on "home
territory" would be interesting.

Although a local, I know almost nothing of the development of the Kent
dialect, except that it would have been rooted in the language of the
Jutes rather than the Angles or Saxons, and that it would probably
have been more receptive to loanwords, given the amount of trade with
the continent that has always taken place.

I did read in a local history book (not a clue about its title, sorry)
that people in Kent were very inventive about words (18-19 century?),
and would makeup words as a sort of game (well, winters were long in
those days) - a bit like cockney, but inventing words rather than
finding rhyming slangs...


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