Padraic Brown wrote:
> but most Catholics will never hear one word
> of Latin in church.

Interesting, irony of ironies.  My Lutheran church occasionally has
Latin songs.  Not very often, mind you, but on occasion.  In Christmas
we always have the "Angels we have heard on high" song, which contains
as the refrain "Gloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooria [very long,
drawn-out] in excelsis deo"

> The only priest I've ever heard using Latin was Fr. Fish up in Almost
> Canada, NY; and it was so run together and spoken so rapidly as to be
> practically impossible to tell what he was saying.

"Almost Canada"?  Is that a nickname for a region?  The western
panhandle of Florida is nicknamed Lower Alabama, or Baja Alabama

Anyway, I've heard some Latin and Greek words from Lutheran pastors, and
it definitely wasn't Classical Latin, like /vokatsio/ for _vocatio:_, I
can't remember a Greek example.

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