I finally found free dialup internet with a local access number. I just
wish I had a better modem than this old 14.4k...

I now use Juno, so my new e-mail address is [log in to unmask] and my
homepage is at the bottom of this post in the signature.

And I started a new page on Tech, and this time, no more change in
script; I've settled on Ge'ez for good. Not much data except for a
partial listing of the characters used in the language. The page requires
three TrueType fonts called GF Zemen; an offsite link is given to install
the fonts. (A very good set of freeware fonts, and Ge'ez has hundreds of
glyphs; the designers deserve great accolades for their work.)

You'll have to click the Back button on your browser to escape that page;
I still don't have all my links and pages connected too well.

And check back soon, as I will have a list of basic word roots, both
monosyllabic particles and di- and trisyllabic lexical items.  (A neat
feature of this language is that each root does not have any function as
is, but needs to be "prepared", using the many inflectional forms, for
the word's grammatical and syntactical role as noun, verb, adjective etc.

If I can ever get something done, this is going to be a fun experiment.
( had been caught up on phonology and script so long I never considered
grammar, but now I have some ideas to truly make this language infamously

I better go, I'm about to starve to death and a big juicy burger is
calling me from down the street. I'll reply to some of y'all's posts
later, especially YHL's (should I call you Yoon or Lee?).

Danny Wier
Lufkin, Texas
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