taliesin skrev:

> > What an excellent excellent site! Thanks for the tip!  Those files
> > worked fine, btw.

> It's the ftp-section of my own machine. I used to have an
> "incoming"-directory where people could upload things but it was
> always being filled up with DivX-movies so I had to cut it out to
> preserve disk space :/ If you have anything worth keeping, be it
> music, linguistics or human rights- connected (the current themes),
> just let me know (or send me an url) and I'll mirror it.

Ah, good to know. I'll keep that in mind.

> Hehe. Well it is possible to write down just about any diphthong with
> that system (which was the point). Just think what can be done with
> unicode!

Arrgghsss! I can see this discussion take an ugly turn somewhere
in the future... :)