Robert Hailman wrote:
> That's pretty bizarre - no one ever has said that I sound like I come
> from another country.

What's even stranger, is that apparently this speech therapist didn't
have that strong of an accent, yet mine seems to be pretty strong.

An interesting thing pointed out by my Mom is my (and my brother's)
pronunciation of "iron" compared to hers.  Mine is a sort of triphthong
/aIr=n/, while hers is somethign subtly different, somethign like
/aj(?)@rn/, or something like that, definitely as two syllables, it's
hard to tell exactly how she says it, since I have to try to imitate
it.  :-)

> I had some speech impediments when I was younger, but they went away on
> their own.

I had several.  One was I couldn't say /r/, that was the longest-lasting
one, I think.  I also had difficulty with /j/, saying /lElo/ for
"yellow", I can't remember what else, and my Mom's asleep right now, so
I can't ask.