Hey, I'm not one to censor anybody's opinions or especially beliefs. And
since I'm not a moderator nor do I wish to be one, I can only ask
politely for the list to continue to police itself, which I do think
we've done quite well. (I've been on some lists that were literally shut
down because of flamewars.)

I feel like the current discussion on religion (the Bible, Purgatory and
other distinctively Catholic doctrines, the Reformation) are not just
off-topic, but inappropriate. I'm worried the cooperative, friendly and
open mood of this list could be jeopardized if discussions on religion,
politics, sex, golf or anything like that get out of control.

Again, I'm not whining and I hope I don't come across as sanctimonious --
I'm just real wary of how personal beliefs tend to lead to public

Plus I should apologize for a past incident when commenting on "Wier's
World", my future dystopic world, as I think I offended some people when
I was discussing Calvin and the Puritans and comparing and contrasting
them to a fictitious political movement in the English-speaking world. As
most of you know I am a Catholic and one by choice. (I didn't say I was a
"good Catholic" though.) My statements were not meant to express
themselves as anti-Protestant nor even anti-Calvinist or
anti-Evangelical. My concultures are based on hyperbole based on current
"conspiracy theory" thought and a sensationalist view of history. I feel
like I'm a cross between Orwell and Dr. Seuss. (I won't crosspost to
Conculture, but this statement is for the members of that list as well.)

Thanks for putting up with my rants.

Danny Wier
Lufkin, Texas
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