Steg Belsky wrote:

> The Rokbeigalm don't believe in standardized, ritualized set-time
> prayer.  Their word for "worship", _peres_, comes from a Proto-Elven
> root meaning "to disturb".  They consider it rude to constantly
> bother their Creator with their little problems when Kabakh-a ("the
> Founder") has so many other things to do.

Hangkerimians don't like to "disturb" their creator, either, but they
do speak to it/him/her.  They believe they are guardians of the bit of
the creation they live in and they must tell how well they have done.
They use the word _hengzula_ which is the same they use when they
report a superior.  If they are asking something the word is _kamhiru_
which means "to beg".  _kamhiru_ evolved in Kizidanoce as the word for
"praying" but without the "begging" meaning.  Christian Hangkerimians
(non-Kizidanos), use the word _laruka_ "to talk", as well as

My personal language Chleweyish uses also "to talk" for "to pray":
_zawli_ [tsOwlI].  The word _flewgi_ [fljuGI] has also the meaning of
preparing a speech in ones mind and is also used for praying.

-- Carlos Th