Adam Walker wrote:

> Which brings me to an ob/conlang: how do you say I'm X years old in
> your conlang, and does that mean that you have had X anniversaries
> of your birthdate (as in English) or that you have lived in all or
> part of X number of years (as in Chinese).  Do you count from birth,
> conception or some other event?

Hangkerimians tell the year number (ordinal) they live in.  Usually
they conmemorate their aniverary the full moon of the same month of
their first full moon.  (those who are born before the full moon of a
lap month, will count a new year in the new moon where the lap month
would be inserted... it seems a little clumsy to explain).  The
expression is something like "I n-th year-LOC"-COP.

They count from birth.

In the Chleweiness the ordinal is also used.
  Wowop gheyet rawsete doy
  year  24     3-ord  I
  I am in 28th year

I count from birth.

-- Carlos Th