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> why "togonakamane"?  Is that a Japanese word?
nope, it's a sequence of words in my conlang Finvaran, meaning, roughly,
"language woman":

togo-na                kamane
language-adj      person.fem
(the suffix na makes a noun into a nominal adjective.)

I thought I'd said so in my first post under this name, but either you missed
or it something wacky happened in the sending.

[my former email address was I moved all my linguistics
stuff to this address due to the volume on the list.]

speaking of list volume... AOL mailboxes have a fairly reasonable 1000
message storage limit. Between the 4th and 15th, when I didn't happen to
check this screenname's email, I received 1000 emails, and therefore missed
basically all the messages between sometime on the 15th and sometime early
this morning. Now, since I can only assume such ungodly amounts of mail are
going to continue to fly about, I have a few questions:
1) how can I catch up on the messages I missed? If on egroups, what's the
group name there?
2) what command do I send to listserv to get daily (hourly? the timing
doesn't matter much, though weekly is too far apart) digests? IS there one?

luckily, I got a few mails just now after reading some, so I know I wasn't
bouncing long enough to get zapped for it.