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> Most people actually dream in B&W.
>  Really? I dream in vivid colours, usually brighter than the real
>  world, like there's always bright sunlight.

I don't remember my dreams much, but I know the better I remember them, the
brighter they tend to be.

It used to be that everything was washed out, like it was seen though a grey
filter or something, usually; now I usually dream in full but not
particularly bright color.

But I occasionally have these dreams that seem to be intentionally showing
off how colored they are: in one dream there were these roundish tents in a
range of unbelievably brilliant colors on the brightest grass I'd ever seen.
For no particular reason, just this field of bright, bright tents.

I know I've dreamed I was speaking languages other than English, and when I'd
been in Spain a few weeks specifically in Spanish, but I never could remember
it when I woke up... and to my knowledge I've never dreamed in a fictional
language, especially not my own. Certainly not that I've remembered anything
other than "that didn't sound like English!"