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> > How exactly do you put a table up on the web that you made in, say, word? I
> > do not relish the idea of having to make those little "tr/td" tags for my
> > entire lexicon in both directions, so I've been stalling.
> *Shrug*. I typed in those little tr/td tags manually :-) I've never used
> Word before, so I really don't know how to convert its tables to HTML.
> What I intend to do eventually, though, is to write a meta-language for
> defining things in my conlang, and have it run through a HTML generator
> that inserts those tr/td tags for me automatically. It *is* very annoying
> to have to type them in manually all the time (though cut-and-paste is
> your friend).

In my 6 years of maintaining my webpages, I have never once seriously
used anything other than a plain text editor. Any program that purports
to turn formatted text into HTML usually has a Bible-full of bugs and
stupid programming decisions. I eventually just stopped taking chances,
since it's far more difficult to go edit some screwed up HTML doc than
to just do it yourself in the first place. And yes, cmd-C, cmd-V are my
friends. ;)

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