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>  On Fri, 20 Oct 2000, czHANg wrote:
>  >         And I am not really up to speed on a lot of linguistic
terminology or
>  > concepts, I fear... hence the little or no feedback to my postings on
>  > conlang Viivo or any requests for info on polyglot dictionaries...
>  > stuck my stupid foot too far in some "smarter" peeps' faces...
>  Not at all.  You should never assume that absence of comment means
>  is wrong.  Too many of us are just overloaded, and tend to semi-lurk when
>  given lots of stuff to look at.

        ::suitably reminded of his own lack of response to others' interesting
        I apologize for my emotional "puppy-ness." Lot going on in Real Time-Space
here that is effecting my online demeanor :(

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nice Hofstadter quote BTW

"Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos. Before a
brilliant person begins something great, they must look foolish to the
- from the _I Ching_

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