Adrian wrote:

> I used to get really annoyed with my brain (actually I still do but not
> for this particular reason) because in a car trip I would imagine myself
> to be playing a computer game with the scenery, and I couldn't *help*
> imagining this even when I didn't want to; it was really annoying. The
> sort of 'games' I mean are things like a character hopping from tree to
> tree (or car to car), or having an imaginary rope that I had to keep taut
> by weaving it between landmarks.

Hehe. I had a similar thing going. I had an imaginary rope or knife
or axe or something with which I had to cut down every single lamp
on the side of the road. Very often (at least here in Sweden) there
are these b/w poles on the roadside. And every time I tried to cut
them down my imaginary sword would just slide off the poles. Every
single time. You can imagine the frustration. You can probably
generalize this to my everyday life back then. Today, I have no
problems with imagining to cut down road poles. :)

Danny Wier wrote:

> Well I didn't *really* out myself as a conlanger until I discovered
> this list,

I didn't until recently, although now I'm very open about conlanging
and this list, and everyone seems to think it's cool. Phew. I'm
really looking forward to showing my friend's my new cool conlang
t-shirt! Yay! :)


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 I prefer silent vice to
 ostentatious virtue."
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