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> > Do you use the <v/u> distinction?  It's interesting that <j> is often
> > not used in schools, but <u> is.
> My "Teach Yourself Latin" says that 'up to a century ago J was used for
> consonantal I, but this has now been universally abandoned.'
> I wonder why they never seem to fix v/u... it might save on wishywashy
> rules
> like (sometimes v is used, sometimes u is used) when the _actual_ letter
> never changed...

In France the use of both j/i and v/u distinctions is still alive an well in
Latin courses. And the distinction is simple: j is used for consonantal i: /j/,
i otherwise, and v is used for consonnantal u: /w/, u otherwise. Diphtongues are
the only exceptions (but one of the first thing you learn is to recognize them).

> I know I've seen at least one or two maglangs on here in the past... why
> don't I hear about any anymore?  I'd like to hear what yall have thought
> of!

You can ask Boudewijn about Queeste, a maglang from a Dutch roleplaying game. I
have a printed copy of a post he sent something like one year ago about it, so
you should find it in the archives of the list.