On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Daniel A. Wier wrote:

> On Sun, 15 Oct 2000 20:34:38 -0400 Steg Belsky <[log in to unmask]>
> writes:
> > Okay, even though i was left out of the name list, here's my
> > Rokbeigalmki
> > take on you-all's names:
> Mine got left out, but I was netless for a while and had to unsub for a
> while.  Can I guess what mine might be?
> Danny Wier /d&:ni: wI@R/ (R is supposed to be the retroflex glide?)
> Rokbeigalmki (?): Déní Wihgh

Danny Wier = Dani Uir

> Also, this isn't exactly a conlang, but back in around 1991 I worked on a
> form of numerical shorthand, used mostly for names.  I had it based on
> the Hebrew alphabet, thus a duovigentesimal (base 22) notation, but I'm
> working on a base 20 system and maybe a base 36 system, the latter for
> extended phonologies.  I also had Arabic- and Aramaic-based
> retroshorthands (right-to-left of course) worked out for English and
> other languages; this came from my practice in writing my
> then-sweetheart's name in Farsi two years back.


In my personal note-taking "shorthand," I use determinatives à la what
little I've read of hieroglyphics.  So "com" without anything means
"communications," "com" with a Chinese-like-man-symbol is "community,"
"com with a misdrawn sickle and hammer above it (I couldn't remember just
what the USSR flag looked like at the time and now it's just a habit to
draw it wrong) is "communist," etc.  Nothing so interesting as what
you've done, though!