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>I know that feeling! [By the way, in my experience, a number of the
>native speakers were apprehensive as well, since they're having to
>learn their own language the right way around!]

Well, fortunately the native speakers are all quite forgiving, and are of
varying degrees of fluency. But still, it's a little intimidating when
your professor lauds one of the native speakers on how poetic and
philosophical his description of himself is ("Look how well Javier writes
his descriptions, it's very poetic, class"), when you can do just a basic
simple description yourself (well, i should give myself a little more
credit than that. I write better than I think I do, probably). At least I
was able to get through a 5 minute presentation all in Spanish without
having to look at my notes much.
>If you can manage it, try to go for a whole year. But even a Summer
>will be wonderful. And don't sweat whatever course load your teachers
>try to jam down your throat while you're there (in whatever country).
>Just ignore them and learn from the people and places around you!

I'd go for a year, that's for sure. My friend Abe went to Granada for a
year and had an absolute blast. He suggested it over Madrid, mostly
because he says it was cheaper there. Hopefully being there a year will
greatly improve my speaking and listening abilities (a girl I knew in HS
came back from Venezuela talking like a native, but i dont think  i'd be
AS fluent as she is.....she's just VERY good in languages)


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