> Daniel Andreasson wrote:
> >Hmm. Just a thought on the expression "Good for you". We have a
> >similar expression in Swedish which is "Kul för dig". But the
> >meaning is something like "Good for you. Myself, I couldn't care
> >less." But, apparently in America, it's actually a positive and
> >appreciating comment. It's hard to get used to that.

> It can also be ambivalent in English, and it is quite often sarcastic.
> that isn't the way I meant it.

I know you didn't. It's just that here in Sweden (or at least among
my friends) you actually have to stress that you're _not_ being ironic
or sarcastic. The basic assumption being that you are.

> >Now I've seen a photo of her and Pam. She looks _really_ cool!
> >Not at all what I'd expected.

> "She" being Catherine, I assume.

Yes, of course. Sorry, I should've said so explicitly.

> She is a wonderful woman! So is Pam. Those
> two were the biggest part of my decision to do graduate school at UCLA.

Looking at my two profs only gets you depressed. I'll have to scan in
a photo of my prof Östen Dahl and let y'all se it. It's hilarious.
On the picture of Östen on the back of his latest book he looks like
an axe-murderer. My other prof showed us the picture and just laughed
out loud. We did too. (The book is called _Språkets enhet och mångfald_
'The unity and multitude of language' but goes under the name _Språkets
månghet och enfald_ (switching _mång_ and _en_) which changes the meaning
into something like 'The multicity and stupidity of language'. :)

> Anybody interested in seeing pictures of who Daniel and I are talking
> can visit my Prof's webpage at
> There is a
> of the two of them at the top. If you read the page you'll get an idea of
> my goals as a Linguist too, because Pam is doing a lot of the stuff I'm
> trying to get into (though I enjoy syntax more than lexis.)

Yep yep. I have it bookmarked. Nice to see you spell "Linguist" with a
capital L. Though in the Good Old Biblical Days it was probably spelled
"LINguist" comparable only to "JESus" and "GOD". :)

> It may not be much longer. I'm trying to get into an upcoming conference
> (West Coast Conference of Formal Linguistics), and people in the know
> told me that I have a very good chance. If I do present it, my paper will
> be published in the proceedings. I've presented the material before, but
> a UCLA only "conference" that did not have any publication come from it.

I'm pretty sure I can speak for everyone on this list when I say:
"We're keeping our fingers crossed."

Daniel, who has a compling friend who is actually in Beijing this very
moment to present an article based on her BA-thesis. And she is only
22! "Good for her!" You decide if I mean it the American or Swedish way...