I wrote:
> As I said before, I used English names for the language in the
> Conlang Ethnologue database.  Some times I use English
> names and some times the _native_ name, and I have also
> a few Spanish names for my languages.

Well, I'll add the Chleweyish and Tokcir version in all of them:

> Some of them:
> Hangkerimce:
>   English: Hangkerimian
>   Spanish: hanquérrimo
>   Native:  hángkêrïmcë or HAN/KE^RIM~CE~ (according romanizaton)
  chleweye: fonno hangkerime
  tokcir:   hankerimtok

> Kizidanoce:
>   English: Christian Hangkerimian
>   Spanish: quicidano
>   Native:  kizidanoce
  chleweye: fonno kisidáne
  tokcir:   kitidànotok

> Criollo:
>   English: Hanky Castilian
>   Spanish: criollo
>   Native:  crioyo
  chleweye: fonno criólyo
  tokcir:   kuriòytok

> Nyucar
>   English: New Cartagenian
>   Spanish: Neocartés
>   Native: Nyucaris
  chleweye: fonno nyucare
  tokcir:   niùkartok

> Moscha:
>   English: Moskian
>   Spanish: mosquio
>   Native:  moscha
  chleweye: fonno moscye
  tokcir:   moscatok

> Chleweyish:
>   English: Chleweyish
>   Spanish: chleweyés
>   Native:  fonno chleweye
  tokcir:   celyùwitok

Tokcir (NGL):
  English: Tokcir, NGL or New Generation Language
  Native: tokcir ["toktSir] like TOKE-cheer
  chleweye: fonno toccyire

  Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzón
  Bogotá, Colombia
  ICQ: 19156333