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>I do wonder about this fascination with romancelangs though... Why
>aren't "germanic language X (X not being English) develops like a
>romance-lang" more widespread, or norse-celtic or gothic-sanskrit or
>farsi-japanese, uhm...

For the latter two, the phonologies will need too sophisticated
restructuring. Unless you meant Sanskrit > anything (will work with
nearly all IE langs, IMO).

As for Germanic developing like Romance - no hard. For example, a
language imitating the borrowings from Frankish in Gallo-Romance, then
developing like in French. I've checked the verbal and adjectival
paradigms, they won't look too bizarre. And analogy could square off
a bit the nominal ones.

A sample (with some flaws, I suspect):

Onsoir Fre der uf hemble, se bhoijoi Din naime, quiem Din ritom,
si Din gueille quoi uf diem hemble, ausseu uf drou erde;
onsoir dailique breu ons gif hieu, and ons fourls ontreu coud
quoi ouc goir fourlmos ontreim coudair,
and onse n'infuir (naux) en di ourseuconge,
avre onse ourcreineu fon diem ouble.

Pronunciation (faithfully following the French rules):

O~swaRfE:R dERyf(h)A~bl, sbewaZwa dE~nEm, kjE~ dE~RitO~
sidE~gEj kwayfdjE~(h)A~bl osyfdRwE:Rd
O~swaRdElikbR O~Zifj A~tO~fuRlA O~tReku
kwaukgwa:R fuRlAmwA O~tRE~mekudE:R
A~tO~snE~fYiR(no) A~djeuRskO~Z
avRO~suRkREn fO~djE~mubl

Proto-forms (the Frankish dialect of 7th century, as I guess it sounded):

Unsr Fader er f himile, sihh biheiligje n namo, queme n rhhtuom,
s n willjo hwo f emu himile, als f deru ere;
Unsran daglhhun brd uns gib hiutu, endi uns furlsz unsreo skuld
hwo ouhh wir furlszems unsrm skuldrjom,
endi unsihh ne nfuor(j)i (nalles) in ea ursuohhunga,
afar unsihh urhrein fon(a) demu ubilin.

How to name it?

_(iu) frankiska sprhha_ will become _dieu franchche prache_, which
could be adopted in English as _Frongsheesh_ ;) I'm sure a better name
can be found.

Does anybody wish to play with it further? I'm afraid I'm too busy with
Kench & Co.