Tal skrev:

> (since big files in email is a no-no </sysadmin>)

What an excellent excellent site! Thanks for the tip!
Those files worked fine, btw.

> I sure wonder why the mp3s didn't work, have you tried downloading
> them, then playing?

I reinstalled and finally managed to get things to work normally
again. Now I can listen to the sun-wind story.

> > Well, I meant the explanation of /H/ as in French _lui_. But
> > the entire passage is good.

> The grave versions of the vowels are the semi-vowels of those vowels...
> how's that explanation?

Aha! Why didn't you... :p

Seriously. That's the original explanation, isn't it? That's
a good one. To tell you the truth I actually used the tāruven
system to describe a diphthong in Runology class today. :)

> [snip (assumed) Windows-trouble, 'cause don't get me started...]

Yes. Typical Windows-trouble. Grrr.