Yoon Ha Lee wrote:
> I've always wondered if there were--a format, for lack of a better word.
> I just talk to God, not knowing any better.  :-(  ("Dear God...")

Nothing wrong with that.  Jesus himself used "Abba", the equivalent of
"daddy".  "Hey, dad ..." :-)

> (In case you're wondering, I often thank God
> for hot running water.  I lived a year in a house without.  The things
> God gives us don't have to be earthshattering to be appreciated!)

I can imagine!  I've never been without running water for more than a
day or so (after a hurricane), but even that small deprivation certainly
made me appreciate running water and electricity, at least for a little
while ...

> ObConLang: Prayer forms, if any, if your conlangs?

Not sure.  Presumably ritualistic.  I know that _Upatidikaukán_
(roughly, "Council of the Children of the Goddess") is most frequently
prayed to.  The Goddess herself is seen as somewhat aloof.  She created
many worlds, and often roams from one to the other.  Her return is often
feared, in fact, since she might, in a fit of anger, destroy the world.
Thus, prayers sometimes include petitions for the Dikaukáni to calm her
anger.  Sometimes a prayer might be directed at _Kán tiDikaukandíz_
(Leader of the Children of the Goddess).  However, the details of how
the prayer is structured is unknown at the moment.

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God gave teeth; God will give bread - Lithuanian proverb
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