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> > ObConLang: afterlife and its representations in your conlang?  Words
> > for
> > it?  The afterlife in Chevraqis is referred to as "Beyond."  A
> > common
> > Qenaren phrase for death is "the soldier's salute."  Then again,
> > this is
> > a military culture that thinks the death-god brought death as a
> > gift, and
> > that an accepting death is your gift in return.
> The Rokbeigalm believe in _Sháíl_, a semi-anthropomorphized placename
> which translates roughly as "(the) Underworld", like Aambalá translates
> as "(the) World/Earth" and Báhhihr translates as "(the) Ocean".  A
> euphemistic/poetic phrase for dying is "being welcomed by those who have
> come before".

That's lovely.  It makes me think of--well, welcome.  :-)

The Qenaren have no particular fixed beliefs on what happens Beyond,
mainly because they're animists with lots of different scattered sects.