Karen Robinson wrote:
> Well, the English speakers can hardly complain - I studied Christopher
> Columbus in school, not Cristoforo Colombo.  (Is that the correct
> spelling?)

Colón.  But actually, Christopher Columbus is a *Latinized*, not
Anglicized, form.

> I've always liked the way English borrows words from other languages,
> though the pronunciation is generally changed.  Steal whatever's worth
> stealing, that's my motto.

I've got mixed feelings about borrowings.  On the one hand, it would be
awkward, IMO, to say, for example, "Farspeak" for "telephone", but, on
the other hand, all those borrowings do wicked things to our
orthography, as if it weren't messed up enough already.  :-)  Plus,
sometimes there're good words already in the language.

ObConlang: How receptive are your conlangs to borrowings?  Utakassí
generally prefers calques to loans, altho it wasn't always like that.
Proto-Kassi-Plia borrowed a *lot* of foreign words, including the
numbers 7-12.

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