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>E-mail is simply rendered as "e-mail" (pronounced /i'mEl/). There's been
>attempt from the French Academy to introduce the made up word "mél" /mel/,
>the word "e-mail" was already so much in use that it failed. Actually it's
not a
>complete failure, as you often find the word "mél" in forms and resumes,
as it
>makes a nice parallel with "tél.", the abbreviation for "téléphone":
phone. So
>we can consider "mél" as a kind of strange "abbreviation" of "e-mail" :)

So, French permits [e] in closed final syllables?

In the event I ever start a 'Para-French' series, I should know for sure...

And if you tell me that word-final [O] is possible too, I'll consider
such a project seriously ;)