And Rosta wrote:

> What is it you want? Probably the most useful would be the cassette or CD
> "The sounds of the IPA" which might be available from the IPA site,
>, and should be available from the UCL site
> or Available for order, that is, for about six quid.

I'll keep that in mind - it looks like the sort of site I might bookmark,

> I imagine that the phoneticians at your University would be happy to
> give you help too.

I've tried once before, but didn't get a response. Now that Nicole has
got my T-shirt order, she's also got the tape that I included with
samples of my vowels on it. So I'm keeping an ear open in that direction.

Thanks for the corrections WRT my understanding of phonetics/phonemics -
the three way division into phonemics, broad phonetics and narrow
phonetics is new to me.

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