Valdyan words for children:

nute - infant, child up to about 2-3
       child of one's body, offspring, descendant (regardless of age)

Especially in the collective plural _nuti_ it means "offspring" more
often than not.

Cognates: nuta    "to conceive, to beget, to bear"
          nutan   "midwife"
          inute   (the dual form) "twins"
          tanuti  "little ones, tiny tots"

lesne - child, about 3-11 years old; those are the ones who walk and
        talk but aren't anywhere near adolescence yet. It has an
        interesting irregularity with alternating stems <lesn> and
        <lesen>: see

Cognate: lesna  "childhood, youth", also with the alternating stems

hanie - teenager, adolescent (about 11-14)
        apprentice in a guild

Cognates: hanea  "youth, adolescence; apprenticeship"
          hanla  "starling" (yes, this does mean "teenager bird",
                 it's not a coincidence)

razie - young adult (15-20), young man, young woman
        journeyman in a guild

Cognates: razea  "young adulthood; period while one is a journeyman"
          razen  "journeyman's trial" (test one takes or piece of work
                 you do to become one)


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