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> Something you might consider that German does not do (but Pima appears
> to) is to devoice nasals and liquids.  I have a very cool example of a
> palatal l becoming a voiceless lateral fricative. Very unusual. Very cool.

It figures; it's almost impossible to devoice /l/ without having it
become a fricative.

In Valdyan, /Tl/ becomes [l-] (voiceless lateral fricative) even if
/T/ and /l/ are in different syllables: the current crown prince is
called Athal (underlying /aTl/, the second <a> is just a filler; it
used to be syllabic /l/). In the accusative <Athlea> his name is
pronounced as if it's written <Alhea>. It depends on the dialect
whether it's pronounced with slightly palatalized [l-] (how do I
write that?) and plain [a], or plain [l-] and [ja] or even [E@].


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