Okay, those of you who've seen me post about my languages over the yearsknow
that I go in for the WEIRD -- color-based; liquids, nasals and rhotics
without stops; no vowels; clicks, whistles and trills; etc.  This time is no

I'm working on a new lang which I'm calling /cs\1t.S.I/.  I'm warning you,
the phonology is weird, but this is an alienlang.

Consonants in IPA (pseudo-SAMPA):

t[`        t`  s`    t.`  S`    c`        k`       q`
t[_j       t_j       t._j       c_j       k_j      q_j
ts   t.s.  tC  t.C.  tS   t.S.  ts\  cs\  ks kx    qx qX

                     tl   t.l. kl_w  cs[ cC ks\ kS qs\ qS

Okay, I said pseudo-SAMPA 'cause I don't know how to properly represent the
sounds in the bottommost row.  The <tl> is the lateral stop. The <t.l.> is a
retroflexed or backed version of same.  The <kl_w> is a velar lateral stop.
The <cs[> is an affricate formed of [c] and a very dental "s" sound.

Vowels (same IPA standard applies):

i  1
I  @\
E  @

I thought about including [e], but I'm unsure of the symbol for the central
vowel at the same hight.  I also thought of including the vowel between [i]
and [I] with its corresponding central vowel, but I'm unsure if
representations for said are even possible.

Now comes the NASTY part -- orthography.  What am I gonna do with THIS
mess!?  *relishing his quagmireous quandry*

I have considered the following:

t      d      x      c     k     q
tj     dj     xj     cj    kj    qj
ts tsr ds dsr tz tzr tc cc kc kh qh qx
(s sr  z  zr  h  hr  tc cc kc kh qh qx) alternative to the above

tl tlr kl css cs kss ks qss qs

But I would appreciate any alternative schemes anyone would like to suggest!

Vowel orthography:

i  u
y  o
e  a

I don't especially like having <y> represent [I] and I really hate <u> for
[1] and <o> for [@\].



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