Roger Mills wrote, quoting myself:

> >I know that 'professor' in American English doesn't mean 'the head of a
> >university department' which is the meaning elsewhere ... and I know that
> >'college' is used to mean what I would call 'university' ...
> Not necessarily.... In common usage, "college" can refer to any institution
> of higher learning-- from a 2-year "Community College" to a 4-year "College"
> leading to a Bachelor's degree (some do offer graduate work toward an MA in
> some fields), to a full fledged University that offers Bachelors, MA and PhD
> in almost all fields.

Whereas here the word 'college' covers two main areas -

(1) those private school-level institutions that offer in-house
    accommodation to students.
(2) various tertiary institutions that don't qualify as a university.

- with (1) being what most people think of when they hear the word.

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