Nik Taylor wrote, quoting myself:

> > I can't imagine a church minister/pastor/etc being addressed by title.
> How would you address him/her?  By first name?


With the exception of ministers that I called 'Mr' as a child. I think
ministers with common first names are usually addressed as Mr (etc) by
children, but putting that practical consideration aside, ministers are
almost always the sort of people who prefer to be addressed by first

> I find this thread quite intriguing.  I never realized such variation
> existed just within the English-speaking world, or even just within the
> US, as some of the posts have related to other regions of the US.
> For me, addressing a pastor by his/her first name just seems
> disrespectful, *especially* if it's in a church environment.

<aargh!> <shock!> That's just *absurd* to me! :-)

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