I was at a seminar yesterday which was about Karaim, a Kipchak
Turkic language.

Anyway. Karaim has the voiced velar fricative /G/ or /Q/.
It is written with the normal IPA sign (gamma?). An example
is: _aGac_ (where {G} should be the gamma sign and {c} has
a hasek on top.) which is pronounced [aGatS] and means 'tree'.

Another thing I thought about was that the IPA signs for
"unrounded o" and "voiced velar fricative" are very similar.
And the sounds are very similar too, although one is a
consonant and the other one a vowel. Coincidence?

(And don't tell me that's "joe-incidence" with a "c"... :-p
 Sorry, I've been watching "Friends" way too much.)