nicole perrin wrote:
> This is basically a plea for help (hence the subject).  Due to
> unforeseen problems with the tshirt artwork, printing will cost
> significantly more than I had originally been told.  Significantly, as
> in, $150.  So...
> I'm not really sure what to do, because more money obviously needs to be
> collected somehow.  But for some of you guys, it wouldn't really be
> worth postage or trouble to send more money.  And some have already sent
> extra (thank you guys so much!).  But the $150 can't just come out of my
> pocket, so...???  Please, if you can, help me!

Nicole - I haven't sent the money yet, but when I get around to it I'll
send all I can. I've got like $35 canadian, which works out to like $23
US, but it'll be less than that, depending on whatever service charge
there is for a money order.

I only really need to send you $13.50, so that'll probably like $5
extra, at least.

One question I have - is that booklet of interlinears still going to be
available, and if it is, how much would it cost?  I'd like to get one,
if it's still on.