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> By any chance, was it one of David Zorc's works on the language?  As
>I recall from long-ago reading, it seemed to be some sort of palatalized
>(maybe velarized too) [j] sound-- but the description wasn't entirely
>to me either, and I've never heard the language.

Yep, he's credited for the linguistics and research. A Prof. Vicente Salas
Reyes is credited as the native speaker informant. My grandfather was
quite old and didnt really speak by the time I was really old enough to
remember anything he said (he was born in 1901, and had several strokes in
his later years). So, i had never gotten to hear him speak it.

>       It's apparently the native Aklanon reflex of AN *l.  Does Aklanon
>have a "normal" [l] with back vowels too?

Yes, /l/ does occur with back vowels:

lasaw - syrup (interesting to note that with the voiced velar fricative:
easaw, it means "not sticky, watery". Perhaps a connection there?)
lola - grandmother



 L  A   S  T  R  E  L  L  A   G  R  A  N  D

Lem alo smu tue rnm edo lon lnt aa nu og ua as!