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> I've taken a look at it, and it looks really nice. I don't know enough
> about Latin or the Romance languages to comment on it much, but if I
> come across something that doesn't seem right I'll tell you about it. I
> haven't yet.
> One thing I'd like to see is a chart of the sound changes employed
> between Latin and Reman, if there is one I must've missed it.

The point is that there is none: I didn't devise Reman by deriving words from
Latin through sound changes, but merely by looking at Latin, French, Spanish,
Italian, etc... and try to devise words differently. Also, the grammar was
devised as such: "Well, I want to have this feature, let's see how we can mangle
Latin so that it appears" :)))
Yet I tried to be consistent in my choices, so I think it's not impossible to
study Reman and find the sound changes that made Latin evolve into it. But the
job of finding those sound changes has yet to be done, and having only one state
of the language (the current one) doesn't help. Still it could be interesting...
if only I could find an only resource about actual Vulgar Latin pronunciation...

I'm devising "Roumant" nearly the same way, except that I don't try to go as far
as Reman. "Roumant" is more "classical" as a Romance lang :) . I also try to be
more consistent by using what I know about sound changes that made Latin evolve
into the different Romance langs.