I borrowed a book through interlibrary loan (from The University of Texas
at Arlington, BTW) on my grandfather's dialect of Visayan (A Philippine
Language) called "Aklanon" (Akeanon), and it says that it includes a
unique sound among the West Visayan Languages, which is the voiced velar
fricative. It tells how to make the sound, but i just cant seem to do it.
What other languages have this sound (better yet, where can I hear this
sound on the web)?

An interesting bit of info on it is, that in Akeanon, it is written as
"e", as in the native spelling for "Aklanon". It's also interesting to
note that this sound occurs where other Philippine languages would have
"l". The book also says it usually occurs with a or o, and rarely with i.
The book makes sure to point out that l is usually with i, and not usually
the voiced velar fricative. Any reasons for this, and why would l and the
voiced velar fricative be linked?


 L  A   S  T  R  E  L  L  A   G  R  A  N  D

Lem alo smu tue rnm edo lon lnt aa nu og ua as!